Refractory Consulting

Refractory Consulting

Ceramic Supply Industry offers independent refractory consulting services across a broad scope of industries. Our team of engineers is experienced in a wide variety of ceramic refractory products and installation procedures .  Our background of tackling some of industries toughest refractory applications gives us confidence and expertise working in some of the toughest thermal and cheically corrosive  applications found on earth.   With a background in refractory installation, design and construction our team offers diverse consulting services for the chemical, acid, glass, ceramic, brick, metal, foundry industries

Knowledge base

insulating and non insulating refractory

dense and porous ceramics

ceramic fiber and board products

brick and monolithic castables,

precast shapes, and monolithics

reflective Coatings

Sol Gel refractories

refraqctory anchoring systems,



Refractory design


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