silica sands

Silica Sand

Ceramic Supply USA a distributes a line of high purity of silica sands from a reserve of naturally occurring, high purity, crystalline silica.  Our high purity silica sands are crushed and sized, and are available in a wide range of purity grades and mesh/particle sizes. Stringent quality control, strict operating standards and procedures, and quality feed stock allow for consistency and uniformity in sizing and chemistry. Our silica sand is inherently inert, contains low moisture content, and low iron and other impurities. Purity of our silica sand is >99.5% SiO2.

Our reserve is conveniently located near Salt lake City, Utah, offering timely and cost effective distribution to the western United States region. Our silica sand products are available in custom bags, bulk bags, and bulk truckload quantities.  To meet the supply demands of all our customers, we have the capabilities to handle large or small quantity orders. From quantities ranging from a few pounds to many tons, we have you covered.  Due to the extensive size of the high purity silica reserve and our stable business practices, we plan to offer quality silica sand for years to come.  Give us a call today, and join us in our silica success story!


Uses of high purity silica sand

Silica sands are commonly used in the manufacture of many everyday items such as glass, construction materials, personal products, and electronics.  Other industrial uses include glass making, metal casting, foundry, metal production, chemical production, oil and gas recovery, constructions, paint and coatings, ceramics and refractories, filtration and water, and recreational products.

Give us a call today, and let our team of engineers discuss your specific application.  We are knowledgeable in frack sands, glass sands, foundry sands, filtration sands, and other industrial applications. From product recommendation, sampling and trialing, to full scale supply, we are here to support you every step of the way.