ground silica

Ground Silica

Our ground silica is produced from a feed stock of naturally occurring, high purity silica and is precision ground into quality silica flour. Our silica is available in a variety of purity grades and particle/mesh sizes.  Stringent quality control, strict operating standards, and quality feed stock mined and processed from a high purity silica deposit, guarantee consistency and uniformity in all our silica flour products. Our flours are inherently inert, contain low moisture, low iron content and are bright white. Purity of our products are > 99.5% SiO2.

Our source is conveniently located near Salt lake City, Utah, offering timely and cost effective distribution to the western United States region. Our silica flour products are available in custom bags, bulk bags, and bulk truck load quantities.  To meet the supply needs of all our customers, our products are available in quantities ranging from a few pounds, to many tons. The extensive size of our high purity silica reserve assures our customers quality ground silica products for years to come. Join with use, and become part of our silica success story.

Uses of Silica flour

Ground silica can be used in a variety of diverse manufacturing operations including the manufacture of glass, glass insulation, glass making frit, industrial ceramics, refractories, tableware, sanitary ware, tile, glazes, and polishes. Ground silica flours are also extensively used as fillers/extenders in paints and coatings, sealants, silicon rubbers, epoxy, plastics. Other applications include, personal care products, electronics, construction material, and renewable materials.

Advantages of Silica

Coatings, Paints, Plastics, Rubbers- improved hardness, resin demand, chemical resistance, color, dispersibility, cost

Ceramics, Glazes- improved hardness, expansions, glaze/body fit, cost, refractory, color, regulate drying and shrinkage


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