ITC Ceramic Coating

ITC Ceramic Coating

ITC ceramic coatings are a versatile family of high temperature ceramic coatings that can offer outstanding energy savings and refractory protection through heat reflectivity technology.  ITC ceramic coatings greatly reduce heat loss from a broad range of thermal systems by reflecting radiant heat back into the system and offering improved energy efficiencies.  Application of an ITC ceramic coating can additionally offer protection and maintenance of a variety of substrates, including refractory brick, fiber, monolithics, and metals.  ITC coatings find use in the harshest of industrial environments, protecting and maintaining all types of refractory and metal equipment, while also increasing production efficiencies and product quality.


How the ITC ceramic coating works?

The ITC ceramic coating’s excellent thermal performance is based on the principles of heat reflectivity. ITC ceramic coating provides increased reflective radiant energy by absorbing that energy and subsequently releasing it back out from the hot face surface. As the temperature of the system increases, so does the efficiency and reflectivity of the ITC ceramic coating.  Instead of heat escaping the system as waste heat and energy, the refractory coating reflects the heat back into the thermal system, greatly improving the efficiency of the system.

What does this mean?

Improved efficiency of the thermal system lead to less fuel and energy consumption, in turn leading to significant cost and energy savings.  ITC high temperature coatings also offer substrate protection from the harshest industrial chemical and thermal processes maintaining and protecting the coated substrate. Optimization of the thermal system leads to increased production efficiencies and product quality.

How ITC coatings are applied?

Application of ITC ceramic coatings can be applied over a wide variety of substrates very quickly via spraying, rolling, or brushing. Depending on the application of the refractory coating and the substrate to which the coating is applied, proper cleaning and prep of the substrate is recommended before application. ITC products include ITC-100 HT, ITC 200 EZ, ITC 148, ITC 213, ITC 296A.

Some of the benefits of ITC coatings:

Reduced fuel consumption up to 60 %

Nox reductions on average >25%

improved temperature uniformity

working temp up to 5000 f

excellent resistance (non wetting) to molten metals

prevention of dross build up

inhibits oxidation of steels

reduced down time and maintenance