Why Magneco Metrel Sol-Gel refractories?…..Value. 


Magneco Metrel’s Metpump products are a family of Zero cement (Sol Gel), castable, monolithic refractory products that offer ultra fast installation.  Metpump products  offer high performance, long lasting, cost saving, safe, and monolithic advantage.  Metpump refractories are designed to perform in the most demanding environments and offer improved reliability and dependability.

Our experience in industrial applications, tells us that there is value in using high performance, longer lasting refractories. That is why we’ve selected to supply an unbeatable line of refractory products that are designed with performance in mind. Ceramic Supply USA-Industry is proud to supply the industries best monolithic refractories in hot modulus, thermal cycling, thermal shock, spall resistance, dry-out time, corrosion resistance, installation methods and much more.


Material Technology:

Metpump castable refractory products are colloidal silica bonded (Sol Gel), monolithic, ceramic refractory with no joints. Fine colloidal silica particle size promotes extraordinary bonding properties. MMI castable refractory products exhibit superior hot strength and mechanical strength. They also resist thermal shock, creep, erosion, abrasion and chemical attack. Metpump products are available in a broad range of chemistries designed to handle your specific applications.


Installation Technology:

MMI castable refractory system is delivered in 2 components: Metpump dry powder and Metset liquid binder. The product is mixed on site. Once combined, the product can be poured, pumped or shotcreted in the place of application. All products are formulated for pumpability without dilution. Material is applied at a rate of 5 tons per hour for shotcreting and 10 tons an hour for pumping without sacrificing the quality of the final product.


Dry Out:

Metpump refractories offer the fastest and safest dry outs in the industry-   No chemically bonded water means no steam explosions and no spalling. When time is critical, count on Magenco Metrel for industry leading dryout times. MMI’s dry-out time is half the required time for a traditional or cement bonded dry-out. All MMI products are unique as they do not contain any chemically bonded water. No chemically bonded water means that all free water is safely removed from the castable refractory once the temperature reaches 100°C (212°F).