Precast Refractory Shapes

  From conception and design, through the entire manufacturing process, our team of engineers are ready to help you each step of the way. Let us help you take your custom precast refractory shape from conception to reality. We have the design, molding, casting, dry out and high firing capabilities to fill all your precast refractory needs. In addition to our line of stock precast refractory shapes, our experienced team can comfortably design and manufacture shapes to your exact specifications, for your unique application.

Our precast manufacturing  facility can comfortably handle large quantity runs or single one of a kind specialty shapes. From small shapes ranging from a few pounds to large shapes weighing many tons, we’ve got you covered.  Our strict quality control ensures we carefully control all parameters of the shape manufacturing process (mixing, casting, vibrating, dry out and firing) ensuring you get the quality and performance you expect every time.

Our engineers are knowledgeable over a broad range of castable refractory chemistries ensuring we match the best castable refractory to your specific application.  By optimizing the refractory chemistry and employing our Zero Cement (colloidal silica bonded) castable refractory technology, we are able to offer you more value in each shape.  We are comfortable tackling your most aggressive chemical or thermal applications.

Our goal is to provide you value, by offering longer lasting, higher performing, more predictable and dependable precast refractory products. Performance advantage, ease of installation, and less down time are a few of the benefits our shapes can offer, all of which lead to substantial maintenance cost savings for the user. Once delivered, our shapes are ready for immediate use, and can be kept in your inventory and used as needed. Our shapes can be found across a  broad range of industries, including chemical, metal, glass, ceramic, brick, and foundry.

We would love you to be a part of our success story. Contact us today to discuss your precast needs.


Stock precast refractory Shapes- Domes, blocks (cover,pier,burner,skimmer) plates, rods, tubes, crucibles, runners, troughs, caps, wall, tiles, seals, hearths, pads, fireboxes, pizza oven,

Precast Refractory Capabilities

  • Broad family of monolithic, high performance, Sol-Gel refractories
  • Broad chemistry to match your applications
  • 3 D computer modeling
  • Mold making and design services
  • Casting and dry-out/high firing