Safety First


Why Metpump refractories?  Safety


Safety is one of the many reasons why Ceramic Supply USA- Industry chooses to supply Magneco Metrel’s  colloidal silica bonded (zero cement), Metpump refractories. There is enough inherent risk in industrial environments already, and we don’t see the need to add to it.

  • Metpump refractories will not spall or steam explode.

Colloidal silica Metpump refractories contain zero cement, and therefore contain no chemically bound water.  What this means is that Metpump products can be dried out  much quicker and safer than traditional cement bonded products.  Metpump products can be safely dried out in about ⅓ the time of traditional monolithic refractories without the risk of spalling or steam explosions.

  • Metpump products are Non Toxic.

Metpump products won’t burn or irritate the skin. The accelerants used in Metpump shotcrete refractories are safe too.  No harsh acids, or lime.