Acid & Chemical resistant Monolithic Refractory



Metpump AP Industry Leading acid containment technology

-new technology, jointless, acid proof, sprayable, refractory that can be installed ultra fast.

We don’t believe acid resistant refractory linings should be installed one brick at a time or that they are expendable either. That is why we’ve chosen to supply a line of new technology, zero cement, SOl GEl bonded “acid Proof” monolithic refractories.  From critical repairs to total refractory replacements we are here to help.

Make us your first choice in acid resistant refractories and let our team of acid containment specialist provide lasting refractory solutions. You define the problem, and we provide the materials and engineering expertise to provide solutions. We support our new technology products with the engineering and installation expertise to make them work for you. Ask us about our simplified, new approach to acid containment.  Industry experts in jointless, acid proof, sprayable, refractory linings.


Why Monolithic?  Simple… Less brick joints

-Replace your antiquated, troublesome acid brick linings easy and effortless with Metpump AP.  Eliminate the cost and hassle of traditional acid brick linings with Magneco Metrel’s  Metpump AP– the superior replacement for acid brick.  SOl GEL refractory technology allows for ultra fast installation via pumping or shotcreting with zero brick joints.  Metpump AP can be easily installed in “tricky to brick” geometries and offer 6-8 times the acid resistant as acid brick.

Why  Metpump® AP?

  •  extreme resistance to sulfuric acid attack, with only 1% weight loss in ASTM testing. (This is 6-8

times more resilient than common-used products such as Red Shale, Fire Clay, and Potassium Silicate.)

  • Zero cement and Zero chemically bonded water.
  •  Zero-joint, monolithic lining eliminates weakness of brick joints, providing a continuous seal.
  •  Safe to use. Product contains no dangerous materials, and produces no dangerous gases.
  •  Can easily be applied to hot and cold substrates.
  •  Outstanding resistance to thermal shock.
  •  Excellent strength at high temperatures.
  •  Industry-best volume stability (0% thermal expansion).
  •  Low porosity.
  • Industris fastest instalaions and Dryoutd.  Fast and easy installations reduce labor and overhead costs of installation. (Typical pumping

installation rate is equivalent to 1 brick every 4 seconds)

  •  Multiple placement method options: Bucketing, pumping or shotcrete (spray).
  • Excellent bonding allowing for partial lining repairs, and overcoat sealing existing joints. Endless refractory repairs (re profiling instead of total tear out)
  •  Rapid and safe dry-outs allow for lining dryouts in a matter of hours, dramatically reducing downtime.
  •  Custom sized Metpump AP anchors are offered for projects requiring mechanical anchoring.



Acid applications
towers, burners, floors, pits, tanks, ducts, trenches vessels

Acid Proof in Sulfuric, hydrocloric and phosphoric acids.