Aluminum is one of the fastest growing applications our Zero Cement, Sol-Gel refractory products. Metpump products offer phenomenal advantage over traditional cement or low cement bonded castables. Metpump products offer advantage in molten aluminum contact applications, and hold up exceptionally well in aggressive aluminum alloys. 


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The major benefits of Metpump products are listed as follows:

  • Zero cement, and Zero chemically bonded water.
  • Excellent resistance to alkali attack and corundum growth.
  • Outstanding strength at operating temperatures.
  • High resistance to thermal shock.
  • Excellent volume stability and thermal cycling (extremely low thermal expansion).
  • Low porosity to resist metal and slag penetration (extremely non-wetting).
  • Fast and easy installations at typical install rates of 6-10 tons per hour, depending on repair type.
  • Multiple placement method options: Pumping, shotcreting, or casting (“SC” finer-grain product versions are recommended for shotcrete repairs, and see only 3-5% rebound).
  • Fast, easy and safe dry-outs (typically 16-48 hrs depending on maximum thickness).