Monolithic refractory for Cement and Lime applications



No Cement?….


It’s not that we have anything against cement, we just don’t like it in our refractory. The truth be told, we love cement.  Simply put, cement is just not designed for high temperatures, and that is why we’ve chosen to supply Magneco Metrel’s industry leading  cement free refractory products.


The Metpump family of refractories contain zero cement, and instead use a patented colloidal silica binder. Metpump refractories are high performance, colloidal silica bonded, monolithic, castable refractories specifically designed to meet the demands of the cement and lime industry.


Metpump refractories enable cement plants to run longer, and harder between shutdowns, allowing them to make more cement faster and cheaper. From critical repairs to total plant installations, Ceramic Supply USA-Industry has the expertise and products to provide the Cement and Lime industry with value based refractory solutions. Give us a call today to discuss your specific application.




 Some Advantages of Metpump products are:

  • Industries best in hot strength, mechanical strength, and impact resistance.
  • Extremely resistant to thermal shock and thermal cycling
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Resistant to chemical and alkali attack
  • Dependable and predictable
  • Industries best in installation (shotcrete, cast, pump)
  • Contains no chemically bound water and no cement
  • Industry leading dry-out times 
  • Safety (will not spall, non toxic)