Ceramic, Brick & Glass


When it comes to ceramics or glass applications, Ceramic Supply Usa-Industry is here to help. Based on our experience in ceramic manufacturing, we have put together an unbeatable line of refractory ceramics that can Beat the Heat. Whether you are looking for a custom precast shape, or bulk castable refractory, we have the experience and engineering expertise to help fill your high temperature refractory needs.  Ask us today about our new technology, cement free, Sol-Gel bonded family of castable monolithic ceramics for use in ceramic and glass manufacturing applications.  Excellent performance in thermal shock, thermal cycling, volume stability, hot strength, corrosion resistance, and much more.










  • Low Mass Kiln cars, decks, supports,
  • Kiln furniture, beams, supports, posts, setters, saggers, pusher plates, burners, nozzles,
  • Minor or major glass furnace repairs/construction (hot or cold)
  • Precast shapes for glass furnaces applications (cover tiles, arches, burner blocks,)
  • Furnace rebuilds