Foundry & Investment Casting


From large onsite installations, to single precast shapes, our Metpump product line is extensive and versatile enough to fill your foundry needs.  The customer and his operation define the problem and we have  the expertise necessary to provide the ideal refractory solution.  Take advantage of our new technology. Sol-Gel bonded refractories, and let us help you improve you bottom line.



  • Cupola
  • Runner Systems
  • Channel Induction Furnaces
  • Precast shapes.


Investment casting:

Our line of  precast/ high fired shapes are made from Metpump colloidal silica bonded, monolithic refractory.  Metpump crucibles and precast shapes are available in a variety of chemistries and sizes to fit your specific casting applications.  Metpump Sol-Gel refractories are specifically formulated to perform in Investment Casting and Foundry Applications.  Our crucibles and precast shapes have demonstrated excellent high temperature properties such as excellent hot strength and thermal shock resistance.



  • Crucibles
  • Teapots
  • Ladles
  • Special Pouring Cups
  • Spouts
  • Induction Furnace Base
  • Induction Furnace Caps
  • Induction Furnace Spouts
  • Patch Material