Steel & Iron

We believe we’ve found a refractory product that has the lasting toughness to match the grit of those working in the industry.  Ceramic Supply USA-Industry proudly supplies Magneco Metrel’s cement-free, colloidal silica bonded, monolithic refractories for use in steel, and iron making applications.  Ask us today about your specific refractory application.  The Metpump family of products are based on the SOL-GEL bonding. This technology has enabled Magneco/Metrel, to provide industry leading products that can be installed quick and safe, by methods of pumping, casting, or shotcreting with minimal dry-out time required before commissioning.









Advantages of Metpump products

  • Magneco/Metrel’s Metpump products offer superior hot strength and excellent resistance to thermal shock.
  • Savings in refractory consumption, time, energy, productivity and safety has been applied in various steel making, and iron making applications worldwide.


  • Blast furnaces
  • BOF’s
  • EAF Roofs
  • Reheat Furnaces
  • Steel Ladles
  • Tundishes
  • Casthouses (Trough & Runner Working Linings, Backup Shapes
  • Torpedo
  • Reprofiling (Robotic, Manual)