Endless refractory lining

Stop throwing away 40% of good refractory every time you rebrick your refractory lining.  Magneco Metrel’s monolithic refractory technology offers a superior approach to traditional brick repairs, saving valuable time and money through an “endless Lining” approach. Monolithic design offers improved reliability and predictability.



Traditional Brick lining approach:

When a brick lining becomes worn to the extent that it is unsafe or that it can cause heat damage to the shell it is designed to protect, it is completely thrown out and replaced.  40% or more of good refractory is thrown out, which leads to significant disposal issues.



“Endless lining” approach:

Surface is cleaned.  Minimal good refractory is disposed of..Monolithic refractories are used to replace worn refractory and restore the existing refractory lining to its original dimensions. The process repeated as needed. Industry-leading bonding strength, allows for “Endless Lining” repair practices.  Nano particle sized colloidal silica offers bonding strengths many times (5x) greater than cement bonded refractories, making installation over original brick lined refractories possible.  Metpump products adhere well to other castable or brick linings.