Hot Repairs

Don’t have time or money to shut your process down in order to do critical refractory repairs? No Problem.

Metpump refractories offer industry leading solutions in hot repair applications.  Because Metpump products contain no cement, and no chemically bonded water, they offer tremendous advantage in hot repairs. Metpump products are routinely installed into hot environments offering phenomenal time and cost savings. Whether you choose to manually shotcrete Metpump refractories or install them via our robotic shotcrete machines, we are here to support your every step of the way.  Call us today to discuss your hot repair needs.


 Advantages of Metpump products in hot repair applications.

  • No Cement
  • High performance
  • No chemically bound water
  • Will not spall/ steam explode
  • Spray/shotcrete or form/cast installations