Shotcrete the superior alternative to Gunite. 



Tired of being under the gun? We can help. Across a broad range of applications, Shotcrete installations offer phenomenal performance advantage over gunite  installations.  Proper installation is critical to refractory performance, hence  the reason Shotcrete refractories most always outperform Gunite products. Shotcrete refractories offer greater mix consistency, lower rebound, higher density,and lower porosity, all leading to better overall refractory performance.



Shotcrete vs Gunite

(sprayable, formless, installation technology)

  • Shotcrete – Shotcrete refractories are properly mixed in a batch mixer and then shot into place with  compressed air. Shotcrete equipment allows for thorough mixing of dry refractory and liquid binder before being shot into place. Proper mixing of dry and wet components is key to high performance.
  • Gunite – Gunite products are dry refractory mixed with the liquid component at the nozzle and then immediately “gunned” onto the wall with compressed air. Gunning doesn’t allow for proper mixing of the refractory before installation.   Excess waste from elevated refractory rebound, and low performance are typical for Gunite installations.


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